Week one- Tuesday 050116

What did you do

Today I did my five story ideas and then I choose one to do a final synopsis of the story. I did this my picking out my best story idea and using that story for my project

What did you learn

I learned that when you have different ideas that if you first one doesn’t work. But you can change you story if your first one doesn’t work out

what do you need to do next

With my final idea I had to break it into three acts using the help sheet.

copy and paste work

 film ideas 

1: A girl is sitting in the dark with a lamp in her hand that is showing different shadows on the wall.   The shadows are trying to grab the keys out of her hands, while they are the tie to the chair. I am going to use a scary theme tune when the monsters are going to attack the person.  Then I am going to use a door that’s is creeping open and doing it slowly so the person feels scared.

2:  A scary night- This is when a person walks through the woods and sees a shadow shining on the tree in front of him and he doesn’t know what to do. Does he carry on walking towards the tree or walk out of the woods?

3: A war story- I can use war soldiers to describe what happen in the war and how the war ended after 1945 and what the place looked like after the war. Also, I am going to include how people felt during the war.

4: A girl slowly walks into a house and she opens the creaking door and hears different noises in the house which is making her feel scared and she doesn’t know what to do next? Does she carry on walking into the house or walk out of the house?

5: A girl walks into the dark forest with her brother. But when they enter the gate they see flashing lights. What are the lights? Is there a shadow to follow? Then her brother goes missing in the forest. But where is her brother? What has hhappenedto him?


Final story idea

Haunting memories of the past 



A wooden damp house with an eerie ghost sound echoing through the dark gloomy house…  But where is the eerie ghost sound coming from?  There is the  sound of breaking glass. They hear a sound that triggers a past that is running through their minds. But who is it?  Ever since their mum died.  They go back on that day. Should they carry on going through the house and seeing more shadows?   The door slammed opened, but the shadow was gone when they turned their backs. But was it someone they knew? Who are the shadows? They have managed to escape into the forest. The light is fading; there is no way to escape out of the forest. They are walking through the cold dark scary forest when they see bright flashing lights. But what are the bright lights shining at? Is the shadow animal or a person? They won’t find this out until they get closer to the flashing lights and see the shadow more clearly. But when they reach the end of the flashing light. The shadow has disappeared. But where has it gone?   Was it someone from their past talking to them through the rustling trees?   Something is coming and there is no escape. What are they going to do next? Will they live or not? Do they have any help or not? What happens if they get separated? Will they find each other in the forest?


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