week one- wednesday 060116

what did you do

I create my research plan and decided what techniques that I am going to use and if it is going to be secondary research or primary research . also it will help me with my story. Also, with Alma we were looking at fairy tales and breaking it down into the three different acts and we also had to change the fairy tale into a different character.

what did you learn

Today I learned that creating a research plan help you to answer the questions to help develop your story idea and is it suitable for your audience.

what do you need to do next

I need to use the Harvard referencing system by collecting film quotes and also create my character profiles.

copy and paste work


Act one

Normality: a poor couple longing for a child and an old enchantress is introduced.

Set up: Rapunzel is a child of the poor couple.

Disturbance: at the age of 12 Rapunzel was locked up in the tower by the enchantress.

Plan: she was discovered by a prince. But the prince couldn’t get to her.

Surprise:  the enchantress cut Rapunzel hair. And attach Rapunzel’s hair to herself to trick the prince.

Obstacle:  the enchantress lies to the prince about Rapunzel. The prince became blind from jumping out the tower.


Act 2-3

Complications: the prince becomes depressed and wonders the kingdom searching for Rapunzel who is pregnant.

Climax: The enchantress disappears. The prince finds Rapunzel with the twins she gave birth to.

Resolution: Rapunzel’s tears heal the prince and gave him back his vision. They lived happily ever after.

Rapunzel with a different character   

Act one

Normality: in a kingdom, the prince was born

Set up: He was an adventurous prince who was always curious of things

Disturbance: the prince was forced into marrying a random princess but only wanted to travel and explore the kingdom

Plan: he planned to escape from the kingdom to avoid marrying the princess.

Surprise:  he comes across a tower and he hears a beautiful singing voice. He instantly falls in love and is determined to find the source.

Obstacle:  The tower is too tall, so the prince tries to find a way up. He then discovers the enchantress that called the name of the girl in the tower, Rapunzel. After waiting for the enchantress to leave, the prince calls for Rapunzel. He climbs the tower.


Act 2-3

Complications: the beautiful voice he had heard did not match the face of Rapunzel. She turned out to look like a monster. The prince was scared and flees the tower. Rapunzel was actually put under a spell to deceive the prince

Climax: Forever trapped in the tower. Rapunzel waits for another prince, after many of the towers he climbs. He has always fled the towers

Resolution: after many years the curious prince comes back to the tower and discovers it is empty and only a corpse is at the bottom of the tower.

( Rapunzel, feeling lonely and depressed that she couldn’t take it anymore and jumped from the tower)

The fairy tale work was done in groups.

Research plan  



What? Method Techniques
What techniques do horror authors use? Secondary research Read book reviews  and use the internet
At what age group is my story aimed at? Primary research Questionnaire
How can I make my story interactive Primary and secondary Questionnaire and the internet
How can I use light shadow and space in my animation Primary Trial and error
What materials and props I will need for my video? Secondary Look at the ideas on the internet
What can I use to create at the flashbacks? Secondary Look on the internet





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