Week three- Wednesday 200116

Today I did more research on stop motion and to see how it has been used in different in films and how they created the animation process. the next thing that I am going to look at is foley experiments and how they were used in animation films. To give my an idea of what sounds to use in my video. Today with alma we started to do our story board as a picture book template. today i also learnt that there are 32 pages in a picture book.

photo 5.JPG

Stop Motion  research




Stop motion shows objects such as toys to appear as they are moving on their own and

Here are some early animation films since 1898, where Humpty dumpty animation was made and used stop motion. the successful movie in 1907 was the haunted hotel.  stop motion has been going since the 20th century. stop motion is rarely used nowadays.


photo (2)

story board



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