week 11-Progression week 21/03/16-23/03/16

interactive product- videoI completed doing my evaluation for my stop motion video.


To make the stop motion, I use a cardboard box to create the set. I created the set by using pictures of the internet and sticking them to the cardboard box. The pictures that I used Was a town and a forest I used Photoshop to make them my own. I also use the spare parts of the cardboard to make the characters and the houses to make it look like a city. Once I have created the set . i borrowed a camera and tripod off college to take 180 photos. When i had to do the forest scene, i paperclip the forest background over the original background. When i was finished taking all the photos, i uploaded all my photos onto the computer and input them into Adobe premier programmed on the computer to put the animation together . once the animation was put together with the music. i save it in my documents than i insert the link into the video. The music that i used in my video was the classic relax walking music so people can think about the story first before going into the slideshow to read the rest of the animation. The things that worked well with the animation was the music because it is relaxing at the beginning of the story and then when the boys have died in the middle of the story, the audio is were you can hear the girls crying because there brother had died. The hardest thing about stop motion was trying to get the sounds to work with the photos and the scenery behind it. Also it was hard to make the stop motion thirty seconds. I did 180 photos for my stop motion but i only  used 27 of the photos because my animation went over 30 seconds and the animation ended begin 1 minute long. the most enjoyable bit of this unit was doing the story and making a animation out of it. i also enjoy doing my own sounds using the Foley technique. In my power point i used different transitions to make it look scary.


How to do stop motion

  1. Plan out what story, you want to do with your stop motion
  2. Collect all your objects and props
  3. Take 180 photos to put the animation together
  4. Upload your photos to the computer
  5. Then use Adobe premier to edit and make the animation
  6. Then save and upload the video to YouTube.



skills needed 

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Patient
  • Speed


interactive prduct


Foley is relating to or concerned with the recorded sound effects after the shooting of a film. They use different props to create all the sound effects. The props they used are from plates to chairs and anything they can find. The artists watch the film and creates the sounds in real life then adds them to each of the scenes in the movie. The most common sounds that Foley recreates are doors opening or closing, people walking up and down the stairs, pets starching and making the weather noises. Most Foley artists have their own props. Most successful Foley artists can look at an object and imagine what the sound of that object will be. The Foley crew will include the artist or the walker. Foley artists are named after Jack Foley.



Week 10-Friday 18/03/15

Today i uploaded all my photos onto the computer and started to put my animation together. i also updated my blog to see what i have done each day. also i have complete the work that i haven’t done.I also finish off my power point by adding the ending to the story.

Stop Motion  research 




Stop motion shows objects such as toys to appear as they are moving on their own and

Here are some early animation films since 1898, where humpty dumpty animation was made and used stop motion. the successful movie in 1907 was the haunted hotel.  stop motion has been going since the 20th century . stop motion is rarely used nowadays.


To do stop motion you have to do each frame with a small movement each time. The first stop motion was right at the dawn of the cinema with the humpty dumpty  circus. It brings non-moving objects to life. You can use Lego figures, clay etc. because they are easy to handle. Stop motion can be used by a lot of still photographs.

Films that was created my stop motion are:

  1. Wallace and Gromit
  1. Chicken run
  1. Toy story
  1. The crab with golden claws
  1. The Lego movie



Stop motion can be used in books and films.


Week 9- Tuesday 8/03/16

Today i finished off my story. then I started to design my characters and the sets that I am going to make for my video.



 Not her reflection 


On a warm, dark beautiful evening, a young girl called Bella, who has long curly blonde hair and blue eye, she is five foot tall and the oldest. Bella is very bossy and she was walking along a small town with only a few houses in South Africa called Cape Town with her brother David, who has black hair and brown eyes. He is four foot tall and shy to speak to people outside his family. They were walking towards the big forest with lots of green trees and ferns with lots of sticking up grass and a tiny path to walk along. When they were walking along the forest, the sticks were breaking underneath their feet As soon as they got to the centre of the forest, they suddenly bumped into their best friends Emily, who has short black curly hair and hazel brown eyes, she is five feet tall, calm and patient and Jack, who has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is five feet tall and shy. Suddenly, they stopped and stared into the distance. But what were they looking at? All of a sudden, they saw bright orange flashing lights in the sky. Where were the lights coming from? So they all decided to follow the lights, which led them to their old, wooden, damp house with broken windows and glass on the floor and the house smells like a dead rat, where they used to live before their mum died two years ago. All of them decided to open the creaking door to see what was inside the house and to see if it is still the same.  They closed the door behind them and carried on exploring the house. But they hear an eerie ghost sound that is echoing through the house that sounds like their mum because it is a soft voice. Every time, they turned on the lights and they see different shadows of their mum. They think it is their mum because they recognized the locket that their mum was wearing before she passed away. They are still trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. All of a sudden they decided to walk into the front room, where they see a shadow of a ghost through the mirror, which looked like their mum. All of them stood there for a while to see where the reflection was coming. While they were trying to figure out the reflection, Bang! The door slammed open but who opened the door. Suddenly, they realise the reflection of the ghost was coming from outside and it was showing on the mirror because the light was shining on the shadow to make the reflection. In a split second, they hear a voice that sounds like their mum is speaking saying that they only have five minutes to escape, so all of them decide to run out of the house and back into the forest where the boys end up getting lost deeper and deeper into the forest away from the girls. All of a sudden, the girls panic madly because they can’t find the boys anywhere. So Bella and Emily are searching all of the big forest to see if they can find the boys. But the girls find two still bodies, where their brothers had been shot in their heads by a ghost figure that has disappear. The girls starts sobbing their hearts out because they have to call their dad to tell them that the boys have died. So the girls slowly walks home while reporting the incident to the police and describing every detail of what had happen. So they can find the murderer who killed their brothers. When they get home, they find a surprise in the bright and tidy kitchen that their step dad brought them. The surprise was that they find a  pink lantern on the table with  black pen messages on, that they can send up to heaven to their  beautiful brothers. When the lantern got sent up to their brothers, the girls hugged each other to cry on each other’s shoulders because they are missing their brothers while sending the lantern up to their brothers.