Week 10-Friday 18/03/15

Today i uploaded all my photos onto the computer and started to put my animation together. i also updated my blog to see what i have done each day. also i have complete the work that i haven’t done.I also finish off my power point by adding the ending to the story.

Stop Motion  research 




Stop motion shows objects such as toys to appear as they are moving on their own and

Here are some early animation films since 1898, where humpty dumpty animation was made and used stop motion. the successful movie in 1907 was the haunted hotel.  stop motion has been going since the 20th century . stop motion is rarely used nowadays.


To do stop motion you have to do each frame with a small movement each time. The first stop motion was right at the dawn of the cinema with the humpty dumpty  circus. It brings non-moving objects to life. You can use Lego figures, clay etc. because they are easy to handle. Stop motion can be used by a lot of still photographs.

Films that was created my stop motion are:

  1. Wallace and Gromit
  1. Chicken run
  1. Toy story
  1. The crab with golden claws
  1. The Lego movie



Stop motion can be used in books and films.



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