week one-12/04/16

Today we started working on a project for trimester 3. This includes looking at our strengths and weakness for the past two trimester to see how we have developed our skills and ideas. Also we were looking at social issues as a group and then we had to decide on ten issues that affects us then we have to narrowed it down to five ideas and expand the ideas into a mind map then we had to pick one that drawn to us the most and find a question within that the topic and how to answer it.

Strengths and weakness

: 3 skills you have gathered from the last two trimester

  1. Editing a video because when I first started the course, I didn’t how to use Adobe premier to merge the video together to make it a final product without any mistakes in it. I am more confident using the editing program because I can add music and still photos to the video to make it more realistic and for this trimester I will add different music to the video.
  2. Writing a story because we had different steps to plan out the story and add more detail using storyboards.
  3. doing animation

2: improved since joining the course

1: developing my ideas further

2: creating my an interactive product

3: organising my work to meet the deadlines- this help me a lot since joining the course because I started late and making a timetable to show what piece of work was

3: what piece of work are you proud of

My Halloween video because I want to different places to film and take photos to combined with the music.

4: what medium is you’re strongest?


5: what medium do you want to develop?


Social issues

  1. equality
  2. benefits
  3. terrorist attack
  4. judgmental and stereotypes
  5. mental health
  6. poverty
  7. NHS
  • Equality links to the college because we accept people from different cultures and adapt to their needs to help them with their work. The college can raise awareness of equality by putting posters around the college to make sure students know what equality is and how to use it in the right manner. Also on the posters we can put where the students can get help from and who to speak to in the college.
  • I choose benefits because most people are entitled to benefits if they are employed and looking for job, if they have children and not working or if you are in supported lodgings. But some people can get turn down for benefits because they are working or not in full time education.
  • I think that terrorist attack effects most people because if they are in the country where the attack is taking place they might be family members out there you might not survive and it will make the rest of the family upset and they don’t have the right to get killed if they haven’t done anything wrong and they should be able to carry on following their dreams
  • I think no one should be judgmental because it will hurt other peoples feelings. Also people have the right to express themselves without being judge by other people in the world. but on the other hand we can be judgmental ourselves and we don’t realize we are doing it and hurting people’s feelings.   Also i think stereotype is wrong because not all teenagers are naughty but newspapers also express how teenagers are getting into trouble with the police but not all teenagers are like that because certain teenagers have rules and boundaries from their parents and know their limits.
  • Lots of people suffer from mental health problems because some people find it hard to talk to other people about how they are feeling  and they leave it bottled up inside of them and they feel down for more than a month. this mental health issues is called depression but they are loads of different mental health issues. this affects me because i know how it feels to feel down and when you don’t talk to people about what is bothering.
  • Poverty is a continue issue within society because everyday there are people in Africa who are starving and dying of thirst everyday because young kids have to go to the river  to collect water which is dirty and makes them ill and they can die from drinking this water . This makes me feel sorry and sad for the families that are living in these poor countries because that don’t have enough money to get clean water and also I hate seeing children die at such a young age.
  • NHS is a problem in society because not everybody gets the Nhs treatment for free because in america they have to pay for their treatments but in england we get the NHS treatment free but I think everyone should not pay for the treatment they need

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