Monday 25/04/16-Wednesday 27/04/16

pitch perfect

This week, we created our pitch for our final project which is about what cause poverty in Britain and what charities are there to support them. we were put into small groups of four in order to present our ideas and feedback. Dave, my tutor said  to me that I need to use Harvard referencing when getting pictures and where I collected my research from. I learnt that presenting in a group is helpful because I can reflect my feedback and us this to improve ideas for my final piece. Whilst presenting I felt that I had confidence and I felt that my PowerPoint also emphasized  emotion. This was shown through real pictures of families living in poverty, therefore emphasizing just how big of an issue poverty is. I also felt like my key skills were shown through presenting. The next thing that I need to so is  to plan my article out before I write it and do some background  research. Also next week we will be doing our work experience unit. When I was creating my pitch , Dave gave us a PowerPoint to follow so we have an idea what to put into our pitch. Also I include some background information of different causes of poverty and how it can affect people in the long run of life. Also living in poverty can cause mental health problems and low self esteem. Also I added what charities can help people living in poverty in the PowerPoint and I am going to add them into my article.

Oxfam logo new – Logok

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Omaha Salvation Army

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Background research

There are so many problems that causes poverty in Britain and how we can stop people living in poverty by writing about different charities  that can help the families. Also in my article I am going to include about child poverty and should it be allowed in Britain.

The causes of poverty are

  • unemployment/low paid work
  • benefits

What is poverty?

There is not one single explanation of what is poverty.

BBC – Poverty – Definitions

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Measuring poverty | S-cool, the revision website

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