Tuesday 3/05/16-Wednesday 4/05/16

This week we started our work experience unit. For this we had to work in a group and a choose one charity from the our that we were given. The four charities were stonewall, frank, walk-tall and porch light. As a group we decided to go with walk-tall because it helps young people to build their confidence and self-esteem through performing arts. This week we created our ideas and put the ideas into a mind map for the trailer and poster. Also we decided to split into two smaller groups so we can have a group working on the trailer and a group working on the posters for our chosen charity. But before we did the posters, we decided to gather some research to help us with the task that we were given to complete as a group.  Also we started to come up with some of the ideas we can do for a poster for the charity before we came up with the final idea. Also we started to plan out our pitch before putting all the work together. The next thing that we need to do is prepare our pitch and put it into a powerpoint.The people that were doing the work was me and josh. also we decide to spilt the group into two smaller groups of three to work on the project instead of doing it in one big group.


Research that we found about walk-talk

It has been a charity for 11 years. it uses different ways of performing arts for young people and adults to build their confidence and self esteem. They offer extensive counselling for adults, vulnerable and young children who have experience challenging life situations. They also do music and visual arts. They provide professional theatre. music and arts services. Also they have meeting rooms and a recording studio for people to record themselves singing. Also the charity offers young peoples arts classes during the day and it helps people to gain a qualification in performing arts. They do a wide range of events for people to go to and take part in.

Pitch ideas

  • introduce our charity and what they do
  • introduce and explain our ideas
  • explain how our idea is effective and why we are doing it
  • explain how it will benefit the charity
  • include our mindmaps, posters and trailers
  • summary of what we achieve and why, how
  • ask people if they have any questions
  • end pitch. photo

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