Monday 9th may 2016-Wednesday 11th may 2016


Today I started planning out what I was going to put in my article for my final major project which is about what causes poverty in Britain and how people can help and what charities are out there to help. I did some background research on different charities and child poverty and how it affects people in life. I also typed up what I think of my poverty and what some of my friends think of poverty.

My view on poverty

I think that poverty shouldn’t be allowed in Britain because families are going to be hungry, thirsty, be cold because their parents will find it hard to buy the essential things that they need to have everyday. It makes me upset to see adults and children suffering because the world is unfair and children shouldn’t be living in poverty because they won’t have a long life expectancy because they are dying of malnutrition and not having clean water.


As a group, we worked on our work experience project which is on a charity called walk-tall and we finished off planning out the posters and trailer. Also we started on our pre-production work to start taking photos next week.


The world we live in is strange, isn’t it? We fear being left behind, so we try to blend in, losing ourselves in the process. We live in an age where we should be free to create and share, but we can’t, because of problems no one notices, or cares about enough to fix. And then there are those who have had experiences that would make them shy away from the world altogether. It’s high time for a change. Why should people be too afraid to shine, when they’re only supressing their true potential? You’re not defined by your past in the slightest, not unless you choose to be, so don’t fall in that trap. Get to the stage, stadium or studio and prove yourself, because if you don’t, you’d only be living a lie. In a world of insecurity, we here at Walk-Tall stand strong like a beacon. With your contribution, we can bring about a new age of creativity previously denied by the self-doubt lurking in the minds of many. So come to us…and let’s break some barriers.





Media Shooting Script

Name: Jesse Way
Group: Project: Walktall Trailer
Shot No.



Description of Shot:



This shot takes place right outside the college. It can be just a regular scenery shot.




Outside the college building

2 Me lying on a bench Outside the college building
3 Sports taking place Outside the college building
4 Crowd of people walking Anywhere inside the college
5 Artwork


Art department
6 Stage Drama room
7 Myself saying final lines “Come to us-and let’s break some barriers.” Outside the college building

Trailer overview


The video will include my narration. This consists of myself telling the viewer that people are often afraid of seeking creative pursuits due to their low self-esteem. Then I express the fact that there needs to be a change. I say that people should be encouraged to be creative and say that with the viewer’s contributions, the can help bring about a rebirth of art and other forms of entertainment. I end my narration with the line “Let’s break some barriers,” referencing the tagline of Walking Tall, “Breaking Barriers- Success through Performance, Education and Therapeutics.”

There will be some footage accompanying my presence, for example, people playing sports at a court, or shots of artwork and musical instruments, presumably from the art department. There will most likely be inspiring background music, although I haven’t decided on the song to use and will most likely leave this to others in the group. The trailer will end with a logo of the company along with Walking Tall’s contact details.

For reasons related to audio, I will end up doing a voiceover, and only make an appearance at the end to deliver my final lines using lip syncing.

The main roles are:

Voiceover/Actor: Myself

Audio mixer:Jesse Way/ Imagene Reid

Camera Work: Josh

Director:Imagene Reid




Adobe Audition CS6 (or any other software used for recording audio)



Major issues:

  1. Sport Related Risk: As footage from sports is likely to be collected, there is likely to be a risk of injury if camera moves too close to people taking part.
  2. Dropping Camera
  3. Weather: If there is rain, there may be puddles left over and people involved may slip.


  1. Sport Related Risk: Keep a safe distance from any people taking part in sports.
  2. Dropping Camera: Make sure the camera is safely secured.
  3. Weather: Watch carefully for puddles before moving.



Dave Turner, Tutor


Today we redid our pitch in front of Dave and Kate so they can film us doing our pitch for our final project. I  used Harvard reference when getting pictures and where I collected my research from. I learnt that presenting in a group is helpful because I can reflect my feedback and us this to improve ideas for my final piece. Whilst presenting I felt that I had confidence and I felt that my PowerPoint also emphasized  emotion. This was shown through real pictures of families living in poverty, therefore emphasizing just how big of an issue poverty is. I also felt like my key skills were shown through presenting. The next thing that I need to so is  to plan my article out before I write it and do some background  research. Also next week we will be doing our work experience unit. When I was creating my pitch , Dave gave us a PowerPoint to follow so we have an idea what to put into our pitch. Also I include some background information of different causes of poverty and how it can affect people in the long run of life. Also living in poverty can cause mental health problems and low self esteem. Also I added what charities can help people living in poverty in the PowerPoint and I am going to add them into my article.



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