Monday 16/05/16-Wednesday 18/05/16


Today we carried on with our final major project, my project is about what causes in poverty and I finished off planning out my article than I started on my first draft of the article to hand to my tutor to see if it needs any improvement on it and so I  can hand in my final article before the end of June.

Poverty in Britain



Should poverty be allowed in Britain?


There are so many problems in Britain that causes poverty and child poverty in Britain. Some of the problems are

  • Inequality in wages
  • State benefits
  • Long-term unemployment



There are personal and external factors that can lead to people begin homeless. But in 2011/12 about 9.8 million people were living in poverty in the UK and this can lead to people having mental health and social problems. Also the low income doesn’t result in lower standards of living but also affects people’s life choices. There has been an increase in severe poverty since 2004.  Inequality was at its highest level in 2008/9. Poverty can link to health disadvantages but in the UK today people’s health is determined by their wealth but disabled people are more likely to live in poverty and there are relatively high levels of income inequality.


How does income link with poverty?


The income in the UK and the rest of the European union is less than 6o% of the contemporary median. If people are using relative poverty line they are measuring whether poor households are keeping up with people on the middle incomes. In London after three years, 27% of people living in London were living in poverty after housing costs was taken into account.


Measuring poverty in the UK and why it matters?

If people are living in absolute poverty, this means that there is focus on the minimum requirements that they need to ensure physiological efficiency. This means that people can be classed as poor if they lack the resources that they need in life. But in the UK, the focus has been on child poverty because there are 3.7 million people children in relative poverty after the housing costs.


Why do people measure poverty?

It tells people you are in poverty and which groups are at more risks of poverty and to see if poverty is changing over the years. Also it enables people that if there are low-income households are getting nearer or further away from the average income and get the resources they need to live in society over time.



Child poverty


If a child lives in a household where no one works, they are more likely to live in poverty but also there are other risk factors for people ending up to live in poverty includes:

  • Living in a lone parent family
  • Living in a larger family with 3 or more children
  • Social housing
  • Someone is disabled in the house


Child poverty is about children living in households suffering from a lack of material resources. The resources might include money but people may also need healthcare, a home and free education.

There are different types of children that are at higher risk of living in poverty than others. The groups are

  • Children in households affected by disabilities
  • Lone parent families
  • Large families
  • Black and minority ethnic groups
  • Workless and working households
  • Asylum seeking households


Why are children growing up in poverty?

Children are growing up in poverty because they might be having a loss of parental employment, barriers to employment and onset of illness or disability. These factors are immediate cause of poverty but there are some underlying/ long -term causes of child poverty as well.

Consequences of child poverty

Poverty can have a massive impact on children’s life and well-being because they have limited life choices on what they want to do in life. This can be from health and well-begin to education and employment depending on their qualifications.

People’s view on poverty

Some people think poverty shouldn’t be allowed in Britain because there isn’t enough support for people who really need it but Britain are allowing people from other countries to come in and give them all the support they need instead of families. Also people feel sad about this because no one should be living in poverty and people who live in Britain already should have got the help they need first before giving it to people they let in. Also everyone should be looked after.


Charites that can help poverty

There are different charities that can help people living in poverty and there are charities that can help children who are living in poverty as well. Here are some of the charities and how they can help e.g.

  • Oxfam
  • Salvation army
  • Child action group
  • Turn to us
  • Save the children



Oxfam is a global worldwide charity that helps people in poverty . They tried to help give people clean water and food to eat. Their approach is to  develop projects to improve the lives of people.


We carried on with our charity project which is about Walk-tall and how they help people. today we started filming our trailer and taking pictures for our poster to pitch our ideas next week.


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