Monday 23/05/16-Wednesday 25/05/16


Today I carried on working on the layout of my article for my FMP which is about poverty in Britain and how it can be stopped.  Also I am putting statistics.


There has been an increased in in severe poverty since 2004.

2011/12-   there was about 9.8 million people were living in poverty in UK




Today we finished filming for our walk-tall trailer to edit in adobe premier. it was easy to edit but we are going record our selves talking about how we feel and where we can go to get help. I was working with Jesse Way and Josh Shelly. I found working in this group difficult because I felt like that I was the only one doing the work when I ask the boys to help.


Today we carried on with our work experience project. We managed to get all the

pre-production work complete and handed in to Dave.


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