Monday 13th June2016-Wednesday 15th June 2016

This week I got feedback on my final major project and I had to redo the layout and look at different layouts of articles on the internet and i looked at layouts templates on word and publisher to see which one will work for me best to get a good grade. I also change the pictures in the article.



I decided to do an article about poverty in Britain and what charities can help people out there. Before I came to this final idea. I look at ten different issues within society. Then we had to narrow it down to one that we were passionate after doing a mind map for the five issues that I was passionate about but the poverty was the one that I wanted to do because it was a topic that I was passionate because I don’t like seeing people begin cold and hungry all the time. Before I started writing the article, I did a mind map to see what causes poverty in Britain then I did my research plan to think about what questions I need to answer about the causes and consequences about poverty. I found it difficult to get the layout of the article correct to hand in for my final piece. So I attempted to do the article on published but the layout was all over the place and when I printed the article the text was coming off the page so I decided to go into word and choose an article template to work and it was much better the second time I attempted to do the article, it was a much better layout and it looked like an article for people to read. My strengths for this project was making sure I did the research correctly before doing my final piece. I decided to add the websites that I used at the end of the article if people want to read more about poverty and the charities that I have mentioned in my article if they want to find more information of how they can help people. I found that my final project did link in with my project proposal because I answer all the information that I put in the proposal and I also got my tutors to read my article to see if I had to change anything but the only thing that I had to change was the layout of the article and make sure that all the writing was on the page so my tutors can read it. I also found that getting the grammar and spelling correct in my article because it didn’t make sense so Kate helped me to gather my pictures and edit my spelling before the deadline. I also enjoy this year because it made me realise that they are different types of media so I decided to try out print this year for my final project because I thought that it would take my while to interview and film it. But I also ask some of my friends about what their view is on poverty and how they felt about it in Britain and should it be allowed but the results that I gather from my friends is that I think that poverty shouldn’t be allowed in Britain and the government should help people in Britain first and they feel sad about this and it helped me to write my article.


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Wednesday 8th June 2016

Today I rearranged my article and put it in my one words and in the correct order. Also I added so pictures to the article. I found that writing the final draft of my article difficult because I found it hard to put it into my own words.

Poverty in Britain

In this issue :

  • Measuring poverty
  • Child poverty
  • Charities that can help people
  • Peoples views on poverty
  • Causes of poverty


There are so many problems in Britain that cause people to live in poverty. But

What are the causes and how can people solve them to live a happier life an

carrying on following their dreams.


Consequences of poverty

Poverty can have a massive impact on children’s life and well begin because they have limited life choices on what they want to do in life .

There are personal and external factors that can lead  to people begin in

poverty and here are some facts  of poverty in the past year.

According to that in 2011/12, that there was  about 9.8 million people living in poverty  in the UK. It can lead to people having mental health and social problems.  There has been a increase in severe poverty  since 2005.  Poverty can link to health disadvantages and in the UK today it seems to be determined by their wealth but disabled people are more likely to live in poverty


People’s view on poverty

Some people think poverty shouldn’t be allowed in Britain because there isn’t enough support for people who really need it but Britain are allowing people from other countries to come in and give them all the support  they need instead of families. Also people feel sad about this because no should be living in

poverty and people who live in Britain already should have got the  help they need first before giving it people they let in. Also everyone should be looked after.

Measuring poverty in the UK

There are many different ways  to measure poverty in the UK and the most common way of measuring poverty is the income. It also shows which groups that are  more at risk  about

living in poverty .  Also the government can see  if  poverty is decreasing or increasing in


How does income link in with poverty?

The income in the  UK and the European union is less than 60% of the modern average of

other countries . But if people are still living on  the relative poverty line. This means that the government  are keeping up with different households whether they are poor or rich and the government are making sure they are keeping up with other people on the middle income.

Child poverty

There  are different reasons why children live in poverty. But here arte some of reasons

  • If there are living with a single parent
  • Having a larger family with 3 more children
  • Social housing
  • Someone is disabled in the house.


Child poverty is about children living in households suffering from a lack of  material resources     they need. The resources might include  money . But other people might need healthcare , a  home and free education. Some groups of children are at a higher risk of  living in poverty than others.

They are

  • Black and minority ethnic groups
  • Work less and working households


Why are children growing up in poverty

The reason why children are growing up in poverty  because they might be having a loss of their parents begin out of employment. The barriers to unemployment are onset of illness or  disability but these factors are immediate causes of poverty.  But there are also some

underlying and long term  causes of poverty as well.

Consequences of child poverty

Poverty can have a massive impact on children’s life and well-begin because they will have   limited life choices. This means that they might not be able to follow their dreams

depending on their qualifications and education.


Charites that can help poverty

The charities are

  • Oxfam
  • Salvation army
  • Child action group
  • Turn to us
  • Save the children


Oxfam is a global worldwide charity that helps people in poverty and they will give people    food and water to live on. They believe that everyone in the UK  should have enough food to eat. They also work alongside Trussell food bank to deliver free meals to people.

You can support Oxfam by running a marathon, by volunteering in one of the shops or donate money online.


Salvation army

People can turn to this charity because  salvation army can help people to come out of poverty.     Also they can help people if they are in an emergency , they can find them a long-term solution and the ongoing nature of their work . The charity can provide clothes, food parcels and utility top ups etc. they also provide emergency accommodation.

Child action group

They help children and families to understand what causes poverty and the impact that it has on people’s life. They provide accurate information, training and advice . We can help by making a donation and become a member. It is aiming to end child poverty in the UK.

Save the children

This is a charity that help over 17.4 million children through their work in 2014. but if a family is living in disaster , they can help provide food , water and healthcare protection. It is a worldwide charity.



If you want to read more about poverty and the charities. Here are some of the websites



Tuesday 7th June 2016

Today we finished off our trailer for our final project . Then we edit the video in Adobe premier on the computer then we uploaded to YouTube. I feel like the trailer went well but it can be improved by taking out the background sound. Also we couldn’t finished filming outside because it started to rain. so we decided to finished filming down by the performing arts department because we needed a bench.

Monday 6th June 2016

Today I finished my article on poverty in Britain and how we can prevent it. The next thing that I need to do is write my evaluation and ask people to read it and give me feedback on it.


I found writing the article easy because I had all the information I need before I started writing my article.  The reason why I choose to write an article because it was going to take me less time to plan out what I was going to put in the article. The planning for my article included looking on different websites  which helps people to come out of poverty and what effects poverty have on people. To improve my article I can add colour to the background on the article so it stands out to people and it might make them read the article. I found that writing an article is my strength because I enjoy writing a lot. Also I wanted a change from doing a film.